5 Presentation mistakes you should avoid


The Himalayan Presentation:

Unless your intention is to make sure your audience don’t read your deck, don’t overload your presentation with a Himalayan mountain of information.

A rule of thumb to follow would be to keep the information on the slide worth a 3 second glace so you still remain the star of the show.


Grammar Mishap:

One way to put off your investor is to pitch an incomplete presentation and somehow grammar mishaps make the whole presentation seem incomplete and you, unprepared.

Hire a good copy writer to maintain linguistic consistency and eliminate grammar errors.


The Logo Clutter:

The common practice of putting a logo on every slide is a space-eater.

Unless one walks in mid-presentation, the audience is most likely to know the company presenting.

Think about it, would you re-introduce yourself to someone you’ve met every two-minutes once?

Save that space and give some room for your presentation to breathe.


Encyclopaedia of presentations:

Consider the time period of your pitching session when you design the presentation. Don’t try to squeeze in a 50 slide [full of information] presentation into a 10-minute time frame.

Get to the point quickly and covey the message effectively.


Emotional Connect:

An emotional connect with your story makes the jury most likely to pick you first. While Emotional element does add interest, the presentation is a pitch deck not a soap opera script so subtle emotions and striking the right strings are key.

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